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Frequently asked questions

We are an Australian organisation based in Surry Hills, Sydney Australia. Our service is simply designed to give more of the power back to sellers allowing them to choose how much they pay in commissions and advertising fees.

It’s very simple. You make your choices regarding your preferred agent. Then our system searches our database of agents Australia wide, and the matched agency representative will call to have a chat.

Nothing. This is a free service to you. The agents that participate however do pay a very small fee. However we only permit the best agents to participate.

Real Agent commissions can vary from city to city. On average their commission fees can be anywhere between  from $2%-3%.  For example, 2% sales commission on a $500,000 property is $10,000. Plus there are advertising fees which some charge upfront. While others may charge only when you sell. The good news is, you can negotiate these charges with your agent.

This comes down to a personal preference as there are top performing agents that work in both.

The best advice we can give is a quick checklist for you reference. See below

  • An agent with the most properties sold in an area does not mean they are a top agent. They could be moving property quickly by underselling and not getting the best sales price.
  • An agent with a lot of properties on the market at one time, either will not service them properly, or will have someone else sell the property instead of them.
  • Never judge an agent by the way they dress. They could be in an Amani suit or in an unbutton business shirt. Neither indicate their sales prowess.
  • Never exclude a rookie agent as often they will want to prove themselves and will work much harder and go above and beyond to get a great result for you.
  • Never choose an agent just because they said they could sell your property much higher than the local medium price.
  • Our final tip, is to choose someone that 1) knows your market 2) you feel comfortable with, and 3) can show you they can negotiate.

Generally within 48 hours of you submitting your information.  However, most agents take Sunday and Monday off, so please allow for this.

There is no obligation to choose any agent.